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      Wonder if Biztalk 2004 can work with VS 2005?

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      Visual Studio 2005 JACKS UP BizTalk 2004. Don’t even install it or SQL 2005 on a vital development box unless you want trouble. I suggest setting all that up on Virtual PC until MS gets it BizTalk to play nice with Visual Studio 2005. My company issued ticket with them today, finally.

      You won’t be able to use the Web Service Publishing Wizard anymore, and the SQL adapter will give you MSDTC errors when trying to generate schemas for stored procedures or updategrams. Beware…

      That being said, BizTalk 2006 Beta works well and VS 2005 is sweet, but keep them seperate if you make your money building BizTalk solutions.

      Good luck

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        As far as I know it doesn’t.

        I guess I have not really tried it though but I’m 80% sure I remember hearing it would not work

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