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      I am currently working through the tutorials for biztalk 2006, they have
      worked fine till I tried to test the webservice parts.
      When the sendCommonPO is sent to the supplier webservice I can debug into it
      and I get no obvious errors back so it looks like the ASN and Invoice have
      been sent back to the orchestration. Yet when I look in the HAT no message
      appears to have been received and no payment acknoledgement appears. Has
      anyone any ideas how I can get past this problem?
      I am running on windows server 2003 and sql server 2k.


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      I managed to solve it. If you are running under win2003 server BizTalk
      uses the account – networkservice which needs to be added to the biz talk
      isolated users group. I rebooted machine then it worked. There were errors in the event log to do with permissions for the db.

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        Do you get any errors in the event log?

        Do you happen to have tracking turned off or the tracking host not running?

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