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      Have you enlisted and started your send port

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      Use HAT as follows:
      First, check \”Queries\” then \”Most recent 100 service instances\”.
      Do you see your error there or in the event log or both?

      Second, in HAT, click \”Operations\” then \”Service Instances\”,
      change \”Class\” to \”All\”, then \”Run Query\”.
      Do you have \”Routing failure reports\” in the Service Class column.

      Probably, your root element and/or namespace isn’t matching anything in your BiztalkMgmtDB database. Have you deployed your assemblies? Are you running on your own machine or a server (if a server, did you deploy it there correctly?, Are the assemblies in the GAC?).

      Sometimes it is just a misspelled word, such as letter that is upper or lower case mistyped. Also, check your namespace and \”type\” in you schema? What if you right-click generate an XML instance from inside visual studio using your schema? How does that message compare to your message (do a WinDiff type utility). Try dropping the auto-generated message and see if you get the same error.

      You can also use some queries in my blog:
      (Jan 6, 2005).

      Neal Walters

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        I am new to biztalk and trying to work my way through the biztalk server unleashed book.

        I am getting a problem with a very simple orchestration which takes in an XML file from a receive port with a given message type, transforms it to another XML format and writes it out to another send port. All using the FILE adaptor.

        The error I am getting is \”Could not find a matching subscription for the message\” I am using the Microsoft.BizTalk.DefaultPipelines.XMLReceive pipleline so it should be able to work out the message type from the XML schema.

        Any ideas what I am doing wrong?



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          The send port is enlisted and started.

          The message disappears from my \”in\” folder but I am not sure it get past the receive shape as I put a delay shape in the diagram (after the receive) and this is not logged in the message flow.


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            Thanks for all the tips, working my way through them I managed to sort out the problem.


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