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      I am am configuring Biztalk Server 2004 on an XP Machine with SQL Server 2005.
      When the configuration progess gets to \”Now Configuring: Biztalk WMI\” it throws: \”ActiveX component can’t create object\”
      That is after it has already created the first three databases.

      What could be the problem?
      Please help.

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      Is Biztalk 2004 supported in SQL server 2005? That may be one of reason for the error you are facing

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        I think that’s a problem with your Analysis Services. Make sure you have SP 3a for that as well and if you are using a remote SQL you will need the client tools with SP 3a installed on the BizTalk Server.

        You might also want to check out Microsoft site. I think they have a lot of KB’s covering the different installation issues.

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          Nope, BizTalk 2004 will not work with SQL 2005 or Visual Studios 2005.

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