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      Can anybody help me?
      I can’t get SQL Adapter to work for me.
      I am going according to \”microsoft BizTalk Unleashed\” book (Chapter 13, pg 371). I do everything as is told, but after doing it and copying the Test XML files into specified folder, nothing happens! (I understand from the book, it should go off and a new row should be created).

      It doesn’t happen like that? Can someone point me to the right direction please?

      Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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      It can point to many things like there may be errors or improper configuration at receive port. So try checking in Biztalk administartion-> even log for any errors logged. U can also check in HAT

      One more thing u need to take care is u have enough privileges for database transactions.

      In the worst case check the folder where u r copying for read/write access

      Hope this will help you.

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        I am creating the project using visual studio and its wizard, there the connections are possible.
        Basically the application is about reading a XML file and sending the info to the SQL Server database. Hence, there is no orchestration project. there is receive and send port only. receive is for geting XML file and send port is for sending the info over to SQL.

        Hence there is no schema as well. Orchestration is done through \”Add Generated Items\” in Visual Studio. The project doesnt need to be deployed as such. Hence HAT is not possible I guess.
        The error I get on Event Logs is
        The adapter \”SQL\” raised an error message. Details \”‘.’, hexadecimal value 0x00, is an invalid character. Line 2, position 1.\”.

        I saw the XML, it has a dot \”.\” before every character. I don’t know how to solve it.[/b:3426b5ed73]

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          You are right in that sense. It’s the Unicode problem I believe. But to solve this problem, I have to create a custom pipeline? It’s a lot of work for a small piece of job. I can’t believe Biztalk can’t do this right!!

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            Sounds like your file is saved in a 16-bit Unicode format. I’ve never researched to see if Biztalk can read both ANSI and UNICODE XML files. As a quick test you can open the file in notepad, then do \”file save\” and see what the \”encoding\” is, and maybe temporarily save it as \”ANSI\” and try that. If the file has to be Unicode – maybe someone else can post their experiences.

            Depending on your editor/browser settings, each character is two bytes, so every other character often looks like a \”.\”.

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