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      We had a similar problem with file adapters picking files up from UNIX NTFS share. We put solution up another Biztalk user group.

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      Does the service use an exclusive lock (FileShare.None) on the file while it is being written?

      Are your two archived files exactly the same?

      p.s. you might like to try the Scheduled Task adapter, it has an HTTP download task which passes the Response Stream straight to Biztalk, no files 🙂

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        We have a Windows Services that fetches an XML file using http from a trading partner (yes, we could have probably done it in Biztalk, but it was expedient to do it this way).

        That service writes a file to a directory, and Biztalk has a Receive Location on that directory. Biztalk is starting two orchestrations and makes two archives of the same file (at least when the file is over 1.5 megabytes). We have simulated the problem by dropping the large file by hand (so we know the service is not writing the file twice).

        Is this expected behavior? Doesn’t Biztalk wait till the file is finished writing before he reads it – or doesn’t he use a file lock or something?


Viewing 1 reply thread
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