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      I’m having BizTalk latency issue when consuming a web service.
      The scenario is as follows:

      1. Application A sends request messages to BizTalk Server 1-way HTTP receive port locations.
      2. BizTalk Server routes the request messages to a 2-way (solicit-response) HTTP Send Port.
      3. The 2-way HTTP Send Port sends the request messages to another
      Application B.
      4. Application B processes the request and returns response messages
      synchronously to BizTalk Server.
      5. BizTalk Server routes the response messages to a 1-way HTTP Send Port.
      6. The 1-way HTTP Send Port sends the response messages back to the
      requesting application A.

      (Same scenario as described here:

      The latency issue is in step 3-4, it takes ~2 seconds to receive the

      If I skip BizTalk and requests Application B immediatly from a i.e. a
      windows application, there is no delay (30 ms).
      It does not make any difference if I send 100 requests in parallell to
      BizTalk, every request-respond to Application B takes ~1,5-2 seconds
      seriellt -> ~200 sec.

      I have tried all the optimization tips given in the Microsoft-article
      (BizTalk Server 2004: Performance Tuning for Low Latency Messaging, link
      above), including setting the
      HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SYSTEM\\CurrentControlSet\\Services\\BTSSvc.3.0\\ HTTPReceive
      – HTTPBatchSize = 1 in order to force BTS to do all request immediatly.

      Have you experienced the same issue, having any tips, a name or anything that might help or put me in the right direction would be very appreciated!

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      The only thing I might think to try is rather then using BizTalk HTTP Adapter for your call try using a .net component call inside an Orchestration.

      That would reduce all the Adapter and Message Box overhead. Just make sure you know the cost of this in terms of loss of message tracking, batching, and potential reliability.

      I don’t know how this would perform when compared to the adapter but I would be curios to get your thoughts on this and find out how it works.

      I would think it would be faster but not scale as well.

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