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      Hi. In reading over the requirements to install BizTalk Server 2004, I notice that Visual Studio .NET 2003 is listed. Is it really desirable/necessary to put this on a production server?


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      There is a stand alone version of the biztalk explorer than can operate without visual studio. I think this is the link to the one I use.

      Anyway, here is a link to some other fun BTS 2004 tools.

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        Thanks–I was planning to use the standalone BizTalk Explorer tool instead. Sounds like I can do that.

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          One silly thing to note is that is you are going to use BAM, you need to have Excel installed on the production server before you install BizTalk.

          I think it can then be removed

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            According to Sarbanes Oxley, a production server really cannot have development tools installed. In order to install BizTalk Server 2004 in a production environment, you only need to install the .Net framework.

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