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      Did you check the Application event log for any Errors? This might give you a clue of what’s happening and also help others to answer your question more specifically

      Hope this helps


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      In a messaging scenario like in your case the send port must be configured correctly to \”subscibe\” to the incoming message. Normally there a two types of errors.

      1) the sendport should have the filter configured to the receive port (BTS.ReceivePortName == <name of your receive port>)

      2) the receive port has the wrong pipeline configured and therefore doesn%u00b4t give you the xml-Format you might expect. I bet in 95% on number 1) 😉

      good luck

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        hai friends,
        I am new to biztalk server.I am trying to copy un fichier xml from receive folder to send folder using file adapter.I configured send ports and receive ports.
        When I copy the file to receive folder it should place it in send folder.But when I copy the file to receive folder the file disappears and I cannot find the file .
        can anybody help me.
        thanks in advance

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          Could not find a matching subscription for the message.
          The Messaging engine failed to process a message submitted by adapter:FILE Source URL:C:\\test\\Receive\\*.xml. Details:Could not find a matching subscription for the message. . This error occurs if the subscribed orchestration schedule or send port has not been started, or if some of the message properties necessary for subscription evaluation have not been promoted.

          This occurs when I am using file adapter in biztalk.My send ports are well started.Can somebody help me?

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            thank you very much mario
            My application works now after configuring
            the sendport filter
            (BTS.ReceivePortName == <name of your receiveport>)

            thanks for your reponse

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