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      That is such a good question and I have no clue. I’ll see if I can find someone to clarify this.

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        What’s up with this install option in the Configuration Utility?

        On the Group tab on the left –

        There is a check box that says:
        Create an Analysis database for tracking aggregations (requires SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services).

        Why doesn’t this work with SQL 2005?
        What does it give you or what do you lose if you don’t check it?
        Is this related to BAM or is the HAT tracking?


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      Seems that this is a tracking feature for HAT and requires a DLL from SP3a or higher of Analysis Services 2000, not sure why that is but the funny thing is that unless you installed AS 2000 first, you have to uninstall AS 2005 before you install AS 2000 SP3a or higher. What a pain.

      -Bryan Corazza

Viewing 1 reply thread
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