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      I am stuck with this problem while working on the biztalk 2006 tutorial 2 lesson 3 test scenario. I followed the instructions religiously in the documentation and while testing the scenario of trading partners management i am unable to post the purchase order document on to the inbox folder of partner.
      The steps i follwed are like this.
      I have built the httppost.sln given in the tutorial and tried running the submitbatch.bat file. Initially it gave me an error INternal server error number 415 and then i fixed going to iis and changing the credentilas of the application pool TutorialHttpReceiveApppool.
      When i executed the Submitorder.Bat file this time it gave me 500 error. I am not sure what to do at this point of time.
      Any suggestions will be appreciated.
      Note: My environment is, i have set up win2003 OS with sp1 on a VMware machine. i logged in as administrator.


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      have you removed /root from the managed paths in the Default website for Sharepoint?

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        Sorry I have not looked at that lab or BAS for that matter.

        About the only think I can think of would be a problem with the user account not have access to the page (make sure the app domain is a member of BizTalk Users and Administrator is also in the BizTalk Admin group).

        Can you call this with a .net component?

        Did you try using a file drop instead?

Viewing 1 reply thread
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