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      I have an issue running the sample EDI in BTS SDK.

      When i run the sample, it pick ups the EDI file, but it shows the following error message in HAT(Health and Activity Tracking).

      Error Code: 90 \”[b:4959f8896a]The hash total for the file is incorrect. Contact the system administrator[/b:4959f8896a].\”

      Also in the Log file it shows a message,

      [b:4959f8896a][Thu Mar 30 13:25:31 2006] XSD2EDI has started
      [Thu Mar 30 13:25:31 2006] Repository has been locked
      [Thu Mar 30 13:25:31 2006] Started analyzing: C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004\\EDI\\Adapter\\Getting Started with EDI\\Visual Studio Projects\\Getting Started with EDI\\Session 1\\X124010850Schema.xsd
      [Thu Mar 30 13:26:12 2006] Repository has been unlocked
      [Thu Mar 30 13:26:12 2006] Starting Compile EIF from C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004\\EDI\\Subsystem\\compeif.exe
      [Thu Mar 30 13:27:55 2006] Converting and compiling succeeded.[/b:4959f8896a]
      The sample EDI uses X12 EDI standard.
      Also the logged in domain user is a part of EDI Subsystem group.
      The BizTalk Base EDI Service is running.

      In Event log, it showa a message

      [b:4959f8896a]The master secret has not been backed up. If you lose the master secret all the information stored in the SSO system will be lost permanently and your systems may fail to work correctly. Please use the SSO admin tools to back up your master secret.[/b:4959f8896a]

      It is unable to deliver the transformed XML file in the send location.

      Any solution for this problem?.

      Thanks in Advance,
      Kavitha D

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      I am sorry I cannot help with the X12 issue, but the event log error is just a nagging message reminding you to backup your master secret. This only takes a few seconds, allows you to recover your master secret and more importantly stops the error messages.

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