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      Tools: C#, .NET 1.1 and Biztalk 2004

      I want to execute a policy rule which gets fired based on some input xml and database facts. I am able to pass the input xml facts but how to I pass the database facts information before executing policy. Basically, by passing \"Role\" information, I want to get \"Salary\" values which are stored in a database table.

      Following is the code snippet:

      Input XML:

      <ns0:EmpInfo xmlns:ns0=\"http://EmployeeInfo.EmpInfo\">


      public string Execute(string sRequestXML, out string sResponseXML, out string sErrorMsg)
      sResponseXML = string.Empty;
      sErrorMsg = string.Empty;
      DebugTrackingInterceptor dti = new DebugTrackingInterceptor(@\"C:\\Biztalk\\projects\\EmployeeInfo\\XSDs\\jit.txt\");

      //create an instance of the XML object
      XmlDocument xd1 = new XmlDocument();
      xd1.Load(@\"C:\\Biztalk\\projects\\EmployeeInfo\\XSDs\\Copy of EmpInfo_output.xml\");

      TypedXmlDocument doc1 = new TypedXmlDocument(\"EmpInfo\",xd1);
      // create the array of short-term facts
      object[] shortTermFacts = new object[1];
      shortTermFacts[0] = doc1;

      Policy policy = null;
      // now execute to see what happens

      //Console.WriteLine(\"Grabbing the policy …\");
      policy = new Policy(\"EmpInfo\");
      policy.Execute(shortTermFacts, dti);

      FileInfo finfo = new FileInfo(@\"C:\\Biztalk\\projects\\EmployeeInfo\\XSDs\\ProcessedRFP.xml\");
      StreamWriter writer = finfo.CreateText();

      catch (Exception ex)
      FileInfo finfoError = new FileInfo(@\"C:\\Biztalk\\projects\\EmployeeInfo\\XSDs\\Error.xml\");
      StreamWriter writerError = finfoError.CreateText();

      dti.CloseTraceFile ();

      policy = null;
      return \"PASS\";



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      Create a C# or VB .Net script to extract the fact (s) from the database. Push this mini app up to the GAC. You can then call this script via a scripting functiod in a map and update the salary field. The map can be called from the orchestration (make sure to reference the mini app for the function).


      You can call the DB function written above directly in the orchestration (must be in an atomic scope shape) and set result of call to a variable and then Xpath in the result of the call in a construct statement in another expression shape.

      Hope this helps.

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