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      can somenone help me with following problem please:
      I’m trying to install Biztalk 2006 on my laptop with XP Professional. According to the installation guide, which I followed, this should work.
      I have SQL server 2005 Express installed but when I try to configure Biztalk (basic config) I do not find how or what I should type in the field Database server name.
      I’ve tried: which is the name of my laptop
      SQLEXPRESS which is apparantly the name of the SQL server (default)
      RKVL\\SQLEXPRESS RKVL is the domain I’m connected to

      the .\\ is a tip a got from someone who said he read it in a dark paragraph somewhere in a manual.

      I’m local admin, but I used my domain account for the SQL services and the Biztalk service credential


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      I am not sure whether Biztalk 2006 support SQL Express.
      I know Biztalk relies on the SQL Agent Job Scheduling Service which is not included in SQL Express.

      The recommended SQL 2005 editions are Standard and Enterprise, I guess the Developer edition will also work.

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        In the first place, we installed sql express but I won’t work with biztalk. You cannot use sql express with biztalk.


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