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      I got a question about it…

      I have one business process but in this process i took 4 orchestrations.

      now the 2 orchestrations i want to monitor is orchestration 1 and 3.

      I made an excel worksheet and i followed a tutorial on making a BAM activity. all good and well, even the Tracking Profile Editor is working great.

      Now i deploy everything and i make a new worksheet there i add a pivottable with the values of the BAM monitoring.

      When i make a pivot table with stuff from the first orchestration i get a lot of data and it looks great. but, when i make a pivot table with stuff from the third orchestration i don’t get nothing…

      the first orchestration consists of 2 send ports and 2 receive ports so this one has a lot to hold. the third is just a receive, mapping and send and call shape. nothing much… this one does work with a receive-pipeline.

      When i look into my sql server 2005 console i see in the database BAM Primary import that in the database of my process_active that a line is been added but only the stuff from the first orchestration is filled in, the stuff of the third isn’t. even though i know that he has run over that third orchestration as wel…

      I tried it to have to make 2 activity’s but then it is just the same…

      does anyone know an answer?

      Kind regards

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