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      I have given an assembly key file to project and inserted the DLL of that project into GAC using

      [b:de49615803]gacutil /i \”FileTransfer.dll\”[/b:de49615803]

      This dll appears in GAC but when i am going to add reference to this DLL its does not present in the Reference List.

      Anything more than this require to add DLL into GAC so that it can appear in Reference list.

      Thanks in advanced

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      Don’t know how to get it inside the reference list.

      I always browse to the location of the dll and add it that way.

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        As a teacher, I always taught that the things in the Visual Studio Reference List were those things in the GAC.

        You mean of course when you right click \”add reference\”, then the leftmost tab called \”.NET\”.

        But I later learned that putting in the GAC is not enough. There is also a registry entry (or something else that registers it).

        Neal Walters

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