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      Hello colleagues,

      i would like to discuss some of my thoughts, where i would appreciate your best practizes.


      Design of the new BizTalk environment

      Current scenario:

      Running scenario is BTS 2002 running on W2K server with its database running on a separate SQL 2K server.
      20 mappings for the various material management systems connected (most of them flatfile formats) to convert the native format into xCBL (business logic inside the mapping like generating ident strings on customer numbers, UOM conversion).
      One central console application that does most of the preparation (splitting batch inbound docs, removing EOF markers) before running into the mapping stage and finalization (applying tax and discount calculations, tagging of documents for different workflows) after the mapping.
      Lots of local users on the local BTS server with lots of virtual directories where customers post the inbound docs.

      What I imagine for the future:

      One central inbound virtual directory where alls customers post their documents to:
      where the guid identifies the customer.

      Building a customer central database which is used by the receive pipeline to get information on the customers MM system and which doc specification it has to use.

      Insert the incoming data into a central database (intermediate format for all different MM systems).

      Fetch data from central database with orchestrations subscribing (using the properties stored in the created central customer database) and applying the logic on the data and mapping into the destination xCBL.

      I would appreciate if someone shares his thoughts, my intention is to reduce human customizing and being flexible for customer requests.

      Thank you for your input



      p.s.: I will keep all parties informed and share my experiences throught this project and will share my final resulting design for those interested.

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