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      Did you add the receive location to the same port as the Web Service.
      The orchestration subscribes to the Receive Port, which can have mant receive locations.

      The message must be the sameas the input from the web service so you will need to use the XmlReceive pipeline, which identifies the message and sets the MessageType property.

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      Yes, you are right. You cannot add a FILE receive location to a Request response port.

      For testing/debug you could look at creating a small .Net app that will call the web service.

      Another option is to look at Bizunit, where you can automate your testing.

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        Hi all,
        I published my orchestration as a web service.
        For debug purposes I want to start the orchestration by adding xml file to the FS
        (File adapter), and not by calling the WS.

        Someone told me it can be done without changing the orchestration .
        He told me I need to add new receive location…
        I did that but when BT06 read the file im getting \”no subscribers were found for the message\”
        Somehow the new receive location should be connected to the orchestration…
        Any help will be great


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          Hi greg.forsythe,
          thanks.the problem is that i didnt add it to the same recieve port.

          the problem now is that FILE ADAPTER is one way, and my SOAP port is request-response…

          can those 2 can live togather in same recieve port?…

          i notice that if i am creating one way new recieve port , i cannot add SOAP recieve location…


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