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      Unfortunately you cannot call a web service returning a dataset in Biztalk 2004 with the SOAP adapter. This limitation applies to any array
      This has something to do with BPEL.

      One possible workaround if you can change the Web Service is to use a container object

      [code:1:a48a3610dc]public class DSContainer
      DataSet myDataSet;
      public DSContainer getDataset()[/code:1:a48a3610dc]

      Another work around is to use the WSE adapter

      Apparently Biztalk 2006 is capable of handling a Web Service returning a DataSet, although I have yet to try this.

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      In this case you can use an XmlDocument variable in your orchestration
      and load the string into the XmlDocument and assign the XmlDocument to a message.

      newMessage = xmlDocVar;

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        There is a web service,which returns with a message of dataset type.But I don’t know how to receive this type of message.
        Please help,thanks!

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          Thanks greg.forsythe for the help.
          Now I have another question.If the web service returns a string,which contains a xml structure.So,in this case,how to receive the message?

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