Envelopes can be used with the Xml Disassembler in Biztalk 2004 to break up larger Xml messages into single messages.  Another approach to message debatching is to use xpath in a loop inside an Orchestration.  Both these approaches are covered in this Message Debatching Options Lab for Biztalk 2004. 

This lab will take around 40 minutes to complete and is based on Microsoft’s hands-on-labs.

Download: Message Debatching Options Hands-on Lab

Setup is simple.  Unzip the download to your c:\ drive.  Make sure the root folder named “Microsoft Hands-On-Labs” is located at c:\.  The lab manual is located under \ILL009_Debatching.  The exercises are located in the \Source\Exercises folder.  The full sample solution is located in the \Source\Solution folder.

This lab is recommended for beginner and above biztalk users looking to learn more about message debatching in biztalk.