Recently I’ve been doing some work Commerce Server 2007 and BizTalk Server 2006 R2.  I have been using the Microsoft supplied Commerce Server Adapters for integration between Commerce Server and various systems. 

For those of you who do not have a lot of experience with Commerce Server, both the BizTalk Adapters and the Commerce Server Catalog Manage use the supplied Commerce Server Web Services for Catalog Imports.

When working with large catalog imports, both tools will run into a minor limitation with the file size. 

You may start to see this error when working with large catalog imports:

“The import failed because the import file is larger than the maximum size allowed on your server. Contact your system administrator.”

This is because the default maximum file size is around 200 MB. 

Good news!  This value is very easy to update.  Simply navigate to the web.config file of the Catalog Web Service. 

Look for the following attribute of of the catalogWebService node:

<catalogWebService maxUploadFileSize=”204800″ /></catalogWebService>

All you need to do is change the value, reset IIS, and you are all set to upload larger files.

I’ve ran files in excess of 1 GB though both the Catalog Manager and the BizTalk Catalog Commerce Server Adapter.  I’m very surprised with the overall performance and shocked the whole thing does crash with such large files!