When I installed Windows SDK to test Indigo stuff, I found another toy named Powershell. Powershell is the new name of MSH code named Monad. It is a shell or command interpreter based on .NET framework.
I thought the cmd.exe shell is too simple for practical uses. But, Powershell is simply great!. It is easy, simple, and powerful. It also gives an interactive script development environment that I missed from VB or Jscript. For me, it looks like a Scheme or Lisp interpreter that I learnt and loved at college. Moreover, I think it gives good enough features to manage systems..Now I’m considering using a text based editor like vi, emacs, or qeditor again..:-)
You can download Powershell standalone here.
It will be great if Powershell provider or cmdlet (command let) for BizTalk Server would be provided. (If I have sometime I’d like to make some sample codes for BizTalk Server management.)
Try the new shell, and I believe you will love it!