Guys – something that always gets me.

Q. Why when you install Win2K8/R2 out of the box settings have the POWER MODE=balanced???

I’m always amazed by this – there’s 101 other questions + answers you’re asked and
you give. But nowhere does the system say (oh a server system mind you)

“BTW – you know the 8 Cores you have, you’re gonna use 2 of them at any one time”

It’s a Server O/S not a desktop (Desktop I can totally understand
– saving power, greener world etc etc) – server I don’t get.
(The flip side to that coin is – “if the server actually ran at a faster capacity
– I’d be finished in 30 mins instead of 4hrs” -> therefore you save 3.30mins of
green lush rainforest – or some nuclear radiation from entering the world)

I find this power setting is always one of those elusive settings on Server, upon
first start up you get prompted for Roles, Features, Networking even IE
Security Settings
.but nothing about limping along.

You have been warned – you may think “What’s Mick on about”did I tell you about the
TWO production environments I recently visited and they thought I was a miracle worker

I wonder is SCOM 2007 R2 reports that setting back to the main console??