The last 6 months have been a lot of fun. On the downside I’ve attended exactly zero conferences – ok my wife doesn’t think that’s a downside.  On the upside I’ve been working in areas I haven’t had the opportunity to over the past 5 years.  Specifically I’ve been thinking about hardware virtualization and application virtualization. Some of that thinking is becoming real :).

For example, today we announced that Virtual PC 2004 SP1 is a free product. Go ahead and use it for any scenario you want.  The download is available already from

We also announced the first of our licensing changes to internalize virtualization into Windows Vista.  Specifically customers who buy first software assurance and then deploy either Vista Enterprise  or Ultimate can install 4 copies of the OS in a VM in addition to the copy on the physical machine for the cost of one license.  This is similar to an existing right we have on Windows Server Enterprise.  This right is for one user on one device and is good for application compatibility scenarios.  Download VPC, create up to 4 VMs for various previously incompatible applications and get going. 

Additionally we announced Virtual PC 2007 which will support Windows Vista and be available shortly thereafter.

We are starting to think about future virtualization scenarios for Windows so if you have something you want us to do drop me a line.

Finally, I’m hiring up a small team within Windows to help us think more deeply about virtualization and drive innovation in the space from a business model, marketing, and product planning perspective. If you are interested and skilled then drop me a line.  The job descriptions are here.