Recently Integration MVPs Michael Stephenson and Saravana Kumar have launched a series of community-focused integration events.  What is unique about these events is that they have been designed to cater to an International audience.  Live Webinars have been held every Monday evening (UK time) for the past couple weeks and for several more in the near future.  They have created a website, appropriately called where you can find all the details for these events.

When Michael asked if I was willing to present the talk I gave at the Integrate 2014 event I was happy to oblige.  On Monday, February 2nd I will be discussing “What to look for in an Integration Platform”.  I have included the overview for the session below and want to take this opportunity to thank Michael, Saravana and the BizTalk360 team for hosting these events and providing a great service to the Integration community.


The landscape for integration platforms continues to evolve. Cloud, Hybrid, Mobility, SaaS connectivity, API Management and MicroServices are introducing new architectural patterns and requirements. These new capabilities are also introducing new entrants in the integration platform industry. For customers who are looking to upgrade, or adopt a new integration platform, this can be an overwhelming and confusing situation. In this talk, Kent will take a requirements driven approach when selecting an integration platform.