I have been looking for a simple command line tool to unzip files for a long time.
Put this together since I couldnt quite find one I liked. So here is the exe if you
have been looking for one. I use it as a barebones unzipper with dos batch files etc.
Its a shame windows xp/2003 doesnt have anything that can be called by and external
tool. When I get time I also want to look in the windows APIs to see if there
is a way to call an api to do unzip etc. 


Here is syntax “Funzip zipfileName”. Its free under GPL.
I am too lazy to add readme and package it etc. If you need source code or additional
features etc. let me know. Based on SharpZipLib
by Mike Krueger
. The sample code had some bug with directory creation etc so I
fixed it.


Funzip (88 KB)

Disclaimer:- Use at your own risk. Covarius or author not liable for any damage arising
from use or miuse of this tool (Funzip.exe)