I’ve noticed a number of referrals from Google from people looking for help with the UI Process block.

Having spent some time with the UI Process Block I’d like to share my experiences, but to do that I would like to know what information people are after. Please leave me a comment below, or contact me directly using the “Contact” link above and I’ll try to come up with some suitable articles.

Finally the obligatory plug: If you are looking for help with UI Process Block implementation, especially on projects that also involve BizTalk, my employer (www.solidsoft.com) specialises in BizTalk and .NET implementations so feel free to make an approach to learn more about us and (I hope) engage us commercially.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: I haven’t worked with the UI Process Block for almost a year, so it’s increasingly hard to devote time to looking into these issues. Please feel free to continue using my comments section to ask questions – but it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to chip in with answers. Don’t forget the Got Dot Net workspace.

IMPORTANT UPDATE #2: I’ve now closed comments on this entry; please direct your questions to the official Got Dot Net workspace.

IMPORTANT UPDATE #3 :): Closing comments meant they weren’t displayed any more; that was unintentional and seems to be a limitation of the .Text blog engine. Comments are open again so that you can see the old content :).