This week had a few videos and a new article go up to MSDN this week:

The TechEd Online videos were recorded at the TechEd 2008 Developer Conference [North America] in June. The first two videos were interviews done by Ron in the TechEd fish bowl, and the third was done by Rob Bagby.

The deck and demo come from a talk this week done by Kirk Evans. This week, at the Microsoft TechReady conference, Kirk did a chalk-talk discussing patterns that typically come up within WF scenarios. The scenarios were well received, attendees of the chalk talk scored it well, and I thought it was a great idea for a chalk talk. And, everyone thought it was a grand idea for Kirk to post it up on his blog and share it with the world. 🙂

Additional Web Items of Note
The Windows SDK team posted a couple surveys, and they’re looking for customer input on SDK improvements/changes – and how it interfaces with Visual Studio.

The two surveys that they’re looking for input on are:

  • How would you spend $100 to improve Windows SDK components?

  • What NEW Windows SDK Features do you want?

To close on a down note, we missed getting the third installment in Michele’s WF Deployment Scenarios series – Workflow Services – posted up this week. It’s done and edited, but Friday afternoon isn’t the best time to try and move an article through the MSDN publication process. Look for it to show up on the site early next week.