What a week!  TechEd is always one of my favorite shows. Not just for learning, but also for the connection to developers- the heart that keeps the blood pumping.  Just wanted to do a quick post to wrap up the show this week and a brief glance toward this week’s activities.  


For me, one of the most exciting things this week was providing additional insight into Oslo. In Gates’ Tuesday keynote he highlighted (excerpt here) our investments in a new modeling platform, which will help take model-driven programming mainstream.  He talked about a world in which models describe bits and pieces of the application design to a world where models are connected across the end to end lifecycle and where they are the application.  You heard Bill correctly- we will deliver a CTP of Oslo technologies at PDC this year, as mentioned at the SOA & BP conference last year. Stay tuned for the PDC!


I’m particularly passionate about this subject, so let me take a minute and dive into this a bit deeper. Over the last several years, the world has become increasingly model-driven.  As referenced in the press release, Oslo delivers core technologies and tools to help manage the modeldriven world. This platform will help further inspire collaboration between all the necessary roles of the application lifecycle, as well as enable applications to be more easily managed, deployed, and evolved. Oslo will add new advancements within the areas of visual modeling and composition tools, a foundational repository for managing application metadata, and a new, declarative modeling language to enable interoperability of models between tools and domain specific modeling notations.


Separate, but related to Oslo I have really been thinking about the convergence of model-driven programming with other important trends including Saas, SOA and ’cloud’ virtualization. See my post from yesterday for additional context. There will be a video on the topic published later this week.


This week at TechEd IT Pro, Greg Leake will be doing a demo of his .NET StockTrader 2.0 sample application (see my earlier post)  during Bob Muglia’s keynote. Greg will be showcasing the interoperable capabilities of Windows Communication Foundation and will also be joined with partner, WS02, on stage who also worked with Greg on making the app interoperable on the Apache platform. OH by the way.did I mention the .NET StockTrader 2.0 and Configuration Services 2.0 download is now available? Congrats Greg- really impressive work. Also, there be an Interop panel next Tuesday, June 10 at 2-3 pm ET with WS02, Sun and TIBCO to discuss how interoperability is important today and the role it plays for customers in the future.