That should read I was a speaker at the Swedish TechDays, since I am writing this post after the fact, although I’m backdating the post a bit to more closely match in time when I was supposed to have published it.

I did a session titled “The Future Roadmap of BizTalk Server” and I’m happy to say I drew a full room (not that the room was all that big, but all the same). Future in this case meant I covered both current and coming technology. The reasoning behind it was that a lot of people probably wouldn’t have BizTalk Server 2009. This turned out to be true since it was a clear minority of the people in the room that raised their hands when asked if they had had previous contact with BizTalk Server 2009. I covered ESB Toolkit 2.0 and Itinerary processing as well as connecting to Windows Azure Platform Service Bus. I was a little surprised here that as I asked for a raise of hands on how many were familiar with the Service Bus only a couple of hands went up. Either it’s a Swedish mentality thing – to not want to stand out – or there simply aren’t all that many people interested in it, yet. I went on to cover some of the news in 2009 R2 (which I learned had gotten renamed to 2010 the evening after my presentation). I couldn’t demo anything, but am quite satisfied with how the Powerpoint “Demo” I was able to do (yes, I know, you can kill a presentation, and other things, with Powerpoint, but I think I did ok). I also related some of the vision given by the team at PDC in November and subsequent WebCasts about vNext. The recorded session should be up soon at the TechDays site, however it will be in Swedish, so for an international audience it will be useless. The presentation will be availble soon as well, as a pdf.

Because I believe in sharing I’ve decided to make the presentation available through the blogical Downloads section, here. I have myself borrowed small parts and ideas from the presentation from elsewhere as you often do, but almost all slides and images are built from scratch. I’m sharing those under a “if you decide to use parts of it please at least tell me that you liked it and that it was useful to you through commenting this blog post” license. I’ve marked it as final, but it’s not copy protected or in pdf format or anything, it’s the pptx file itself. Enjoy.

Also BizTalk User Group Sweden was represented at TechDays as well.

(Not the best of pictures, with the backlight and all, but there we are From MPN Swedens photostream)