Just got this email from the user group…. get to it if you want to learn about MS RFID services…. (but more importantly, play some XBOX!!!!).


Hi Chris Vidotto,

Welcome to our last meeting of the year.
I know its Christmas soon and we’re all checking out the best gifts to get…….well I got thinking….. why don’t we have a ‘try before you buy’ session with a xbox360/media extender etc??
We also need to make it Educational as well, so here’s the line up for next Dec 5th.

Microsoft, North Ryde
1 Epping Road

6pm – Beer + Pizza
6.30pm – Kick off
Dec 5th 2007
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1. Introduction to BizTalk RFID Services – 101
Presenter: Scott Scovell
– Scott has extensive experience in EDI and BizTalk RFID Services.
He has recently been part of a team that has created the Microsoft BizTalk RFID Courseware, and is always eager to share his knowledge and lend an ear.
Session Outline:
BizTalk RFID Services is new to the BizTalk Product Suite, being able to enable production lines, track and trace and various other scenarios with RFID technology is key for companies to maintain a competitive edge.
This presentation will cover:

1. Setting up and configuring BizTalk RFID Services
2. Plugging in a real RFID Reader Device
3. Reading/Writing Tags within a BizTalk RFID Process.
4. Extending and customising RFID Services.
2. XBOX 360 ‘Christmas Evaluation’ Session
Come along and road test some XBOX 360’s with us for Christmas!
We’re now just shy of 80 registered members – you guys are great! Well done and keep all the feedback coming.
I’m looking forward to a great meeting and hope to see you all there.

Many thanks,

p.s. Let me know if you’re coming (so I know how many xbox controllers to put out)