I’ll be at the SOA Symposium in Amsterdam next week, and am really excited about it. Amsterdam’s a great place, I’ve been there a few times, and this is looking like it will be a really good event. I could do without yet-another trans-Atlantic flight, but, I’m getting pretty good at doing them.

At the Symposium, I’ll be doing:

  • My first-ever public-facing Oslo presentation, and to the best of my knowledge the second-ever conference presentation on Oslo by a non-Microsoft person (my friend David Chappell was first with one at TechEd this year). This is huge, and a major milestone that I can now talk about at least some of the vision (more will become public at PDC).
  • A panel on the future of ESBs
  • Visiting a user group in Utrecht and doing to do a BizTalk Development Best Practices presentation/workshop

I also plan to do Oslo presentations at a couple of locations in SoCal after PDC (I promise!), including my own user group in San Diego, and the L.A. CodeCamp. More on that later, I have to somehow make it align with a near-100% travel schedule, which will be a challenge, but I think/hope November may be slower, with hopefully “only” 50% or so travel.

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