am not sure if I am the only one who has this problem, but everytime I set up an instance of BTS on a new machine, I am gun shy about how to set up SharePoint Services (WSS).

I know that if I go thru the installation of Biztalk and accept the defaults, WSS gets installed at the root level (http://localhost). This would acutally be fine, if you never have a use to do anything other than SharePoint stuff.

Most of us, however, have another use for the default web site. I, for example, might be developing some web services, or creating a different page outside of SharePoint. Web Services do not work with SharePoint very well, so you need to develop the Web Services on a different web site.

I am going to give instructions on how to set up WSS after you have already installed it, and already gone through the BTS installation.

Here they are:
1. Create a new folder where the new WSS site is going to be. (for me: c:\inetput\wwwroot\sharepoint)
2. Open up IIS, and right click on Web Sites and choose New Web Site
3. In the Welcome to the Web Site Creation Wizard, click Next
4. In the Web Site Description window, type a description (I typed Sharepoint)
5. In the IP and Port Settings dialog box:
A. Leave the default [All Unassigned] for the IP address to use
B. Type in the port you want to use (in my case I used port 8080)
C. Leave the Header blank
6. Browse to the folder that you created (see step 1)
7. Click on the Web Site access permissions you want
8. Click Finish

Congratulation you are done!

(okay not quite)

9. Go into your SharePoint Central Administration
10. Click on the Extend or upgrade virtual server
11. If you don’t see all of the web sites listed in IIS, click at the top the link for the complete list
12. You should see Default Web Site, and your newly created web site, but your newly created site does not have a version, it states that it is ’Not Installed’
13. Click on the site that you just created
14. Click Extend and create a content database
15. For the Application Pool, I chose the existing application pool, StsAdminAppPool
16. Put a Site Owner Email in, and I left everything else as default
17. Now the gears should be turning (literally)
18. It should now show that it was successfully extended
19. Go BACK to the Central Administration Page
20. Click on the Extend or upgrade virtual server
21. Click on the Default Web Site
22. Click on Remove Windows SharePoint Services from virtual server
23. Because I don’t want to delete the database, I chose to remove w/o deleting the database and press ok

You have completed the sharepoint set up, now if you go to http://localhost:8080 you should see the Template web page, and if you go to the default web site, you should see that it is under construction

Hope that this has helped people in correllating WSS with BTS.