Over the past several months, I’ve spent a lot of time exploring the concept of service virtualization. Service virtualization is an emerging trend in the SOA landscape that focuses on providing a common infrastructure for building and managing a complex service ecosystem – the Managed Services Engine (MSE) brings service virtualization to life on the Microsoft platform. During my journey, I wrote three papers you might find helpful:

Why Service Virtualization Matters?

Four page executive summary on Service Virtualization

SOA Simplified: Service Virtualization With The Managed Services Engine

An article published in the May 2009 issue of MSDN Magazine

An Introduction to Service Virtualization on  the Microsoft .NET Platform

A 57 page whitepaper that is an in-depth extension of the MSDN Magazine article

In the end, service virtualization can help reduce your time-to-market for new investments on-premises or in the cloud and it will provide a more realistic approach to managing your service ecosystem as it grows over time – it can help you realize the full benefits SOA has to offer.