I came across a frustrating little problem today. We have a schema for a web service we call and have done for ages. The schema is generated by the WSE adapter wizard.

We have had a couple of issues we have had to troubleshoot and it became apparent it would be useful to track a couple of promoted properties from this schema to help with the diagnosis.

So you would think it’s pretty straightforward. Add a property schema and then apply the promotion to the schema. It all works great until you save the schema.

Normally a BizTalk schema is in Unicode encoding, but the WSE adapter generates one with ANSI encoding. When you try to save the schema you get a warning because Visual Studio changes the encoding during the save.

The knock on to this is that we are unfortunately using the worst source control system in the world (not naming any names) which then wont allow you to check in your change because it can not diff the files due to the encoding change.

Bit of a pain in the bum but you can work around this, id be interested to know if there is a reason the adapter does a different format to everything else.