As I spend much of this week finalizing items for TechEd next week, I thought it might be helpful to post a schedule of the great content that will be presented at the event.

If you haven’t already pre-registered for sessions, now is an excellent time to look through the schedule builder and check out all the great content and speakers we have lined up at the event.

As is tradition, the bulk of the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) sessions are in the SOA and Business Process track. This year, we are joined in the SOA track by sessions covering the ’Dublin’ technology extensions for Windows Server, which allow you to easily host and manage your .NET 4 WCF and WF applications.

Breakout Sessions

This year, we’ve assembled some of the greatest speakers on the topics, so please join us for the following breakout sessions:







A First Look at WCF and WF in the Microsoft .NET Framework 4

Aaron Skonnard

Tues, May-12; 8:30am

Petree Hall D


A Lap around Microsoft Code Name "Dublin"

Dan Eshner

Tues, May-12; 2:45pm

Room 404


Every Class As a Service: WCF As the New Microsoft .NET

Juval Lowy

Thus, May-14; 2:45pm

Room 151


Building RESTful Services Using WCF

Jon Flanders

Thurs, May-14; 10:15am

Room 404


Busy Microsoft .NET Developer’s Guide to WCF, SOA, and Success

Jon Flanders

Fri, May-15; 1:00pm

Room 151


Load Balancing and Scaling Your WCF Services Today and Tomorrow

Mich%u00e8le  Leroux Bustamante

Weds, May-13; 4:30pm

Room 515B


Managing, Tracking, and Troubleshooting Services in "Dublin"

Ford McKinstry

Tues, May-12; 4:30pm

Room 403A


Developing Service Oriented Workflows

Brian Noyes

Weds, May-13; 8:30am

Room 502B

For those unable to attend TechEd in person, my understanding is that all of the breakout sessions above will be recorded and be made available online. As we get more information post-event, we will post additional information up here on the blog.

In addition to the breakout sessions above, there is content that will be presented at TechEd that will unfortunately not be made available online after the event, this comes in three forms: the pre-conference sessions and interactive theatre sessions.

Pre-Conference Session

As I mentioned in my blog post on Friday, Zoiner Tejada and Michele Leroux Bustamante will be presenting a pre-conference on Sunday, the day before TechEd (PRC07: A Day of WCF + WF + "Dublin") that covers WCF and WF for .NET 4. The day is full of presentations and demos, and Michele and Zoiner have worked hard to update the session to cover the beta 1 features we’re talking about here. There are still seats available for the pre-conference, and it looks to be a real treat for those who can make it.

Interactive Theatre Sessions

Additionally, there are interactive theatre sessions that happen on the event floor among the booths. Within the Application Platform section of the floor (you can find us by looking for lots of blue), we have two theatres. Within the interactive theatres, we will have the following three sessions over the course of the week in Blue Theatre 2 that many folks are sure to find interesting:






Communicating with State Machine Workflows

Philip Wolfe

Tues, May-12



Interacting with Web Services Using Microsoft Silverlight

Yavor Georgiev

Tues, May-12



Migrating a WF 3.0 Application to the Microsoft .NET Framework 4 and Microsoft Code Name "Dublin"

Tom Castiglia

Zoiner Tejada

Weds, May-13


Hands On Labs

We also have six hands on labs at TechEd this year, the two introducing labs have been updated based on past event feedback, and we’ve added four of brand new labs! If you have an 45-60 minutes and like to get your hands dirty with some code while you learn, please check them out:

HOL Code

HOL Title


WCF REST: Addressability of Resources


WCF REST: Exposing a Resource Collection with the WCF REST Starter Kit


WCF 3.5: Introducing Windows Communication Foundation 3.5


WCF 3.5: Unit Testing Windows Communication Foundation 3.5


WCF and WF 3.5: Using Advanced Context Management in WCF Workflow Services 3.5


WF 3.5: Introduction to Windows Workflow Foundation 3.5


Then of course there is always the booth. The booth is open every day of the conference, and we’ll have folks there through lunch and during sessions – ready to chat with you about the technologies and show you how things work. If you have questions about WCF, WF, or ’Dublin’, or would like to learn more about how the technologies may apply to your solution – feel free to drop by.

Over the course of the week, we have folks at the booth that can talk at a high level (BTW-that’s me 😉 ), all the way to folks that can talk through how and why the API works the way it does. And if you can’t get your question answered at that time, we should be able to help you connect with someone at the booth who can help, or getting you the answer post-conference. We have a really good crew at the booth again this year (and I’m told we have a small white board at the booth this year!)

All of that being said, we hope to see you in LA next week and to learn more about how you’re using WCF and WF today – it should be a lot of fun all around. And for those unable to attend, check out the online recordings and continue to engage with us in the forums and the Connect site!