Rama, one of my colleagues in the CAT team has just shipped the BizTalk Server 2009 RFID Operations Guide.  Rama worked for two years as a Feature Program Manager on the V1 release and joined the CAT team just under a year ago.  He knows RFID inside and out and this guide represents comprehensive documentation on how to actually run it in your environment.  Everything that Rama wrote he has personally tested to ensure it is the optimal technique.  This is an absolutely must read:

 The BizTalk Customer Advisory Team and the BizTalk Server UA Team are pleased to announce the availability of the first “BizTalk Server 2009 RFID Operations Guide. The 108-page guide is intended to help plan for and maintain BizTalk Server RFID deployments in production by providing guidance and actionable checklists.


The guide was produced as an aggregation of learnings from BizTalk CAT engagements, Field and Partner engagements over the last year. It was reviewed by partners, MVPs, customers and internal RFID experts who have provided extensive feedback. It should create a reference foundation for IT pros and developers maintaining RFID installations.


The key sections of the guide are:

%u00b7         Planning the Environment for BizTalk Server RFID: Explains the planning required for various components such as RFID devices, servers deployment, performance, HA, etc. to ensure that your BizTalk Server RFID infrastructure and applications become operationally ready.

%u00b7         Operations Checklist: Provides a set of daily, weekly and monthly tasks that will empower the IT Pro to assess and evaluate the operational readiness state of a BizTalk Server RFID deployment.

%u00b7         Managing Deployment: Covers best practices, key concepts, and procedures specific to BizTalk Server RFID and its dependencies for maintaining, managing and monitoring the various components.

%u00b7         BizTalk RFID Useful links: Compiles all the BizTalk Server RFID relevant links that will be useful post deployment to production.


Full MSDN URL:    http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee309289(BTS.10).aspx

Available on MSDN, TechNet and the developer center as a DOCX or CHM or PDF version.