The Host adapters is a very significant part of BizTalk. However, the knowledge about them are almost absent, which is unfortunate as they should be quite useful. I quick study among our biggest clients shows that many of them are still using mainframe/AS400, and find it challenging to integrate these with other systems and applications in- and outside there organization.

We are looking for someone with knowledge and experience from working with the Host Application and Host File adapter. If you are an “expert” in the field, and feel comfortable doing a couple of sessions about it – Please let us know, as we would like to invite you Sweden and come talk to our user group.

The BizTalk User Group Sweden is one of be biggest user groups, and we are proud to have had speakers like; Richard Seroter, Charles Young, Stephen W. Thomas, Jon Flanders, Darren Jefford, Paolo Salvatori, Brian Loesgen, Dwight Goins among others. The goal of the user group is to spread knowledge and get people and organizations to adapt to products and technologies related to BizTalk and Connected Systems Division.

Interested? Send me a mail and let me know.