Sorry to all for having been out of blogging action for so long, and many of you have posted comments and questions on the blog which I have not had the opportunity to respond to. If there are any outstanding requests – please let me know via So what’s been happening I moved on from the BizTalk Technical role a while ago now – so many of your detailed BizTalk technical questions I will have to defer to my great Aussie colleagues as I am not really hands on as much around BizTalk. I moved to a role in Microsoft called an Application Platform Solution Specialist which is essentially a Solution (and technical) Sales role for our:

  • Data Management stack (SQL Server)
  • BI Stack (SQL Server and Performance Point)
  • Dev Tools stack (Visual Studio / .NET platform etc)
  • Integration stack (BizTalk) – had to make sure that stayed with me 🙂
  • User Experience (Expression / Silverlight / Next Generation Web etc)

All in all a great set of products and having awesome fun. I work specifically with Victorian Government (includes Health and Education), Tasmania and some of the Communications Sector customers. It also extends to the partners and ISV (Independent Software Vendor) Community.

In the last month we’ve also had our third child – so busy on all fronts!

Keep and eye out on the blog, as I’ll post updates to what’s happening around this space – and look forward to your commentary!