No, you read that correctly.  If you follow the link below and register for Dallas TechFest 2009 between now and June 14th, 2009 you will be entered into a drawing to win a Mac Mini.  We’ve got lots of space around, so spread around the code to all your friends. Oh, and you’ll also be getting $20 off the full ticket price on top of that.

Why tell your friends?  Because if your friends tell us on their registration that you referred them, then you get an entry into the drawing as well.  So spread the word on Twitter, your blog, your company’s internal list, or anywhere else you think there are folks who would want to go to Dallas TechFest.

But wait … you’re telling me I’m losing out because I registered early?  Not at all!

Nope, we’re giving away another Mac Mini as well, as a special thank you to all those who registered early.