Hi all

Today I discovered something, that AGAIN confirms, that BizTalk 2009 was simply shipped
without any form of proper testing of the new Visual Studio .NET project system that
they chose to switch to. I have already described lots of issues here: http://blog.eliasen.dk/2009/07/21/IssuesWithBizTalk2009OnVSNET2008.aspx and
a hotfix has been releases which I have shortly described here: http://blog.eliasen.dk/2010/01/27/HotfixForIssuesWithDevelopingBizTalk2009SolutionsInVisualStudio.aspx.

Anyways, the issue is, that I created a property schema in my project, and in this
property schema I created four properties. I then opened up the orchestration I had
in the same project and created a Correlation Type, that used these four properties.
That gave me this error:

identifier ‘PropertyName’ does not exist in ‘ProjectName’; are you missing an assembly

So basically, when compiling, the new property cannot be found. Turns out, though,
that if I compile the project and THEN use the properties in a Correlation Type, then
everything works just fine. What a lousy deal

The hotfix mentioned above does not seem to rectify this issue, so this remains an
issue, I think.