After a lengthy absence from the BizTalk Community, the BizTalk Scheduled Task Adapter is once again available.  Greg Forsythe has kindly made it available at, together with the source code for this adapter.

For those who are not aware of this adapter: through the use of this adapter on a receive location you are able to schedule the creation of a message into the BizTalk message box, which can then be used to start a BizTalk process.  The scheduling options are flexible, allowing for a daily, weekly or monthly schedule to be created.  Configuration of the adapter provides for a selection of three standard tasks to take place once the scheduled time is reached:

  • XmlString – generates a Biztalk message from a configured Xml string
  • FileReader – generates a Biztalk message from the contents of a file
  • HttpDownload – generates a Biztalk message from data downloaded from a web site

In addition to the standard tasks, custom tasks can also be created by creating any .NET class that implements the appropriate interface.