We’re excited to announce that Pluralsight On-Demand! now takes advantage of a worldwide content distribution network to deliver our training videos to customers all over the world. This ultimately helps our customers receive the best possible user experience when accessing our training library from locations far from our central servers.

When accessing a video through the Pluralsight On-Demand! website, the request is now routed to the nearest edge-caching server. If that cache location doesn't yet have a copy of that particular video, it requests it from the central servers and immediately begins streaming it to you, caching the video as it goes. If your local cache location already has the video, you'll get it served from the cache location immediately, which is typically much closer than our central servers, depending on where you are located. Hence, as Pluralsight On-Demand! usage grows, subscribers will continue to see the best possible performance when accessing the videos from our library.

Our 14 edge caching servers are located all around the world in the following major cities; Ashburn, VA, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, Los Angeles, CA, Miami, FL, Newark, NJ, Palo Alto, CA, Seattle, WA, St. Louis, MO, Amsterdam, Dublin, Frankfurt, London, Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo. And there will be more coming in the future.