Pluralsight is excited to announce a new addition to the product line-up: virtual classroom training!

We’ve actually been doing virtual classroom deliveries since the beginning of the company over 6 years ago, but it was only upon request. Now, the virtual classroom is a first-class citizen in our training delivery strategy.

You can learn all about our new addition on the new virtual training landing page:


Our public virtual courses are 5 days long, 3 hours each day. You’ll be assigned homework lab exercises to complete on your own before the next day of class. The first 40 min of each day will be spent reviewing the lab exercises from the previous day. You will cover 10 learning modules during the 5 day course, about 2 modules/day.

This usually equates to 80% of what we cover in our in-person classroom courses.

To attend a virtual course, all you need is a browser and you’ll be up and running within minutes. Any software you need will be installed on-demand. Software setup for labs is described in detail for each course, and varies by course, so the instructor will guide you through the setup on the first day of instruction.

During the course, you’ll develop a relationship with your instructor as you ask your questions and apply what you’re learning to your job. Our instructors are the best in the business, especially in this delivery format.

The most compelling thing about virtual is the price. You can register for any course for $499.

The virtual training experience becomes even more effective when combined with our Pluralsight On-Demand! training subscriptions. With an On-Demand! subscription, you can review course materials and demos between virtual sessions, and get answers to your questions even when the live instructor isn’t there. You can also explore related topics along the way to enhance and deepen your understand, as you prepare for the next day.

Given the synergy between the virtual and On-Demand! training options, we’ve packaged virtual training benefits into some of our On-Demand! subscription plans.


Premium subscriptions will now include 1 virtual training voucher, which will allow them to register for any of our 5-day virtual courses scheduled within their yearly subscription. We are also adding a new Ultimate subscription that comes with a full premium On-Demand! subscription plus 3 virtual training vouchers. This provides an unparalleled value when deciding how to spend your training dollar for the year.

We are very excited about these new additions and the additional value they’ll provide our customers. If you’re at TechEd this week, come by the booth to learn more.

You can begin registering for virtual events today, but the new Ultimate subscription and On-Demand! integration won’t be complete for another month. We’ll make another announcement once it goes live, so stay tuned.

Listen to a short private Webcast where we announced these changes to our customers.

Watch a short promotional video playing at our TechEd booth this week.