I am sure most of you (not talking about the BizTalk gurus out there J) have worked with some of the open source utilities available for BizTalk such as the BizTalk Adapter Wizard or the BizTalk Server Pipeline Component Wizard or BizUnit. However what some of you may not know is the wealth of other open source utilities for BizTalk available on CodePlex.

Here are some of the interesting ones and their descriptions as found on CodePlex :

SDC Tasks Library – . The SDC Tasks are a collection of MSBuild tasks designed to make your life easier. You can use these tasks in your own MSBuild projects. You can use them stand alone and, if all else fails, you can use them as sample code.

BizUnit – Framework for Automated Testing of Distributed Systems – BizUnit enables automated tests to be rapidly developed. BizUnit is a flexible and extensible declarative test framework targeted that rapidly enables the automated testing of distributed systems, for example it is widely used to test BizTalk solutions. BizUnit is fully extensible. Its approach is to enable test cases to be constructed from generic reusable test steps, test cases are defined in XML which allows them to be auto-generated and also enables the ’fixing up’ of Url’s for different environments, e.g. test, staging and production environments. Defining test cases in XML enables test cases to be auto-generated.

BizTalk Server Pattern Wizard – The BizTalk Pattern Wizard is an extensible tool to help you capture, share, and reuse your orchestration best practices. By using the BizTalk Pattern Wizard, you can capture a best practice, turn it into a generalized and configurable pattern, and share that pattern with the rest of your team or the entire BizTalk community. The wizard comes with over a dozen patterns ready for implementation in your next project.

WCF Adapter for BizTalk Server 2006

BizTalk Adapter Wizard for BizTalk Server 2006 – The BizTalk Adapter Wizard for BizTalk Server 2006 is a Visual Studio 2005 project wizard which creates all of the framework code for your custom BizTalk adapter. The adapter wizard is accessible from the Visual Studio menu: File – New – Project – BizTalk projects.

BizTalk Server 2006 Documenter – Creates compiled help files for a given BTS 2006 installation. This tool can be run on an ad-hoc basis using the UI or from the command line as a post build/deploy task to create a compiled help file describing a BTS 2006 installation. It will compile: BTS Host configuration, Send/Receive port configuration, Orchestration diagrams, Schema and Map content, Pipeline process flow, Adapter configuration, Rule engine vocabularies and policies, More and publish them as compiled help files. Optionally you can embed custom HTML content and custom descriptions for all BTS artifacts to produce a more customized look and feel to the CHM output

BizTalk Server 2006 Orchestration Profiler – Creates CHM report files illustrating the level of coverage for specified BizTalk orchestrations. This tool can be run to gain a consolidated view of orchestration tracking data for a specified period of time to help developers get an idea of how their orchestrations are being processed and how much coverage they are getting in their testing. In addition to simple coverage information the data presented helps to identify latency and code path exceptions by highlighting long running and error prone orchestration shapes.

PowerShell BizTalk Provider – A full PowerShell provider for exposing BizTalk Server as a filesystem. Administer your BizTalk installation. List all applications / orchestrations / Schemas. Stop an application, enlist an orchestration … Use the full power of the shell to script away the pain of GUI based mass-management.

MapCop – A program for testing BizTalk map files (.BTM) for a set of best practices.

BizTalk Instance Controller – Limit the number of instances of any BizTalk Service.

Have Fun!