When implementing/deploying and building all things BizTalk/Silverlight and related,
there’s going to be a time when you’re needing to see what’s on the wire.

I’ve currently found a few handy options:

  1. FireFox’s FireBug – brilliant! a plug-in straight
    from the browser environment. Deals only in Browser initiated traffic though.

    Gives great anaylsis on HTML page composition/scripts and dynamic content source – A
    MUST for any Silverlight work

  2. Fiddler – sets itself up as a proxy
    that your browser requests through, once again, my browser has to initiate the calls.
  3. Smart Sniff – smsniff – 48kb and
    this is a full blown packet anaylser giving access to all packets to/from NICs. –
    THIS by far is my choice!

Check them out folks – Smartsniff small enough to go on any memory key.


All free!