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So you need a multi-server BizTalk Environment, and you want it automagically provisioned in one click?

A zip file with some powershell scripts which will perform the following tasks for you (all in one click) 🙂

1.Basic configured Virtual Network
    includes creation of an affinity group if not available
    includes creation of storage if not available
2. Configured Domain Controller
    includes Active Directory Installation
    includes BizTalk Service Accounts
    includes BizTalk Groups
3. Configured SQL Server joined to the domain
    includes firewall changes
    includes msdtc changes
    includes sql protocol changes
    ensures domain admin to be added to the sql-server sysadmin role
4. Fully Configured! BizTalk Server joined to the domain
    includes all BizTalk Features with exception of BAM Alerts
    includes firewall changes
    includes msdtc changes
    includes configuration of hosts / host instances and adding them to the adapters

1. Download the powershell scripts here

2. Unzip

3. Download your azure publisher profile here

4. Open the script in your favorite editor using Administrative Privileges

5. Modify the script named Start_BizTalk_Multi_Server_Azure_Provisioning_v1.0.ps1

6. Run the script and wait.

Powershell executing

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BizTalk Server End Result

Special thanks and credits go out to:

Peter Borremans, who wrote the following article which got me going

Jeremie de Villard, I used his adapted BizTalk Configuration Tool and Task-Schedule script to auto-configure BizTalk

Scott Banwart, I used his powershell script as basis for configuring the BizTalk Hosts, Host Instances and Adapters

Please note; the scripts are as is; go ahead and play with it. Most definitely you can clean it up more and make it more efficient 😉 If you make any modifications, feel free but be nice and SHARE!! 🙂

This work, unless otherwise expressly stated, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.