So you may recall a bet that took place around the 2010 Olympic timeframe which had me, and Team Canada, matched up against fellow BizTalk MVP Mikael H%u00e5kansson and Team Sweden.  As we all know, Canada won the Olympic Gold Medal and I won the bet.

The Christmas break is well anticipated holiday for many obvious reasons in Canada.  While most people in Canada are stuck indoors for the coldest part of the year, many are glued to their television sets watching the World Junior Hockey tournament.  This tournament represents the best under 20 year old Hockey players on the the planet.  Most of these players will end up playing professional Hockey somewhere and many will make the NHL.

On December 31st, 2010, Canada squared off against Team Sweden in a round robin game.  Once again Mikael taunted me with a blog post so I couldn’t resist opening up that wound of his from earlier in the year.

This time around it is my time to eat crow.  Sweden beat Canada 6-5 in a shoot-out and in return here is my tribute to Team Sweden and Mikael.

There are still some games left and I am confident that Team Canada can pull it off. There is a good chance that Canada could play Sweden so perhaps there will be a rematch bet?