Wow what a session!! Being a Level 400 session my expectation (from
those who make teched) was to go reasonably deep. I had a fantastic crowd with standing
room only in the theatre room – my last session of the day (being my 3rd) I was knackered
and ready to go out with a bang.

So I decided to jump into the Workflow Foundation and discuss *what is actually done
behind the scenes* with Sharepoint’s WF management. This was well received (and I’m
sure a few people in the audience were saying ‘So I just want to know how to approve
something’….we got onto that later) and opened up a few concepts explaining why
we do the things we do within our Sharepoint Workflows.
e.g. Task Correlation
Tokens and new Task IDs, why we need to generate new ones if we handle a task changed

I then got onto some of the Sharepoint Workflow Implementations and wanted to highlight
the use of a State based workflow as opposed to the usual SequentialWorkflow.

*** DEMO CODE WILL BE POSTED SOON FOLKS *** (don’t have my vpc with
my to extract out my projects for you right now)
Slide Deck:OFC409_Mick_Badran_Workflow_Deep_Dive.v1.2.pdf
(977.98 KB)