Hi all

Just as i have started developing a functoid library (found at http://eebiztalkfunctoids.codeplex.com/)
I have also started developing a pipeline component library. Right now it contains
three components:

  • DevNull. This pipeline component is quite simple. It will "swallow" everything
    that comes as input. This enables performance testing of stuff without concerns about
    adapter transport time at send port for instance.
  • SearchAndReplace. This component will perform a search and replace on the incoming
    stream, replacing some string with some other string. Optionally, you can decide to
    let the input string be a regular expression and replace based on that instead of
    normal string search and replace.
  • Promote. This component has three parameters, the name of a property, the namespace
    of the property and an XPath expression. The component will read in the value that
    corresponds to the XPath expression at runtime and promote it to the property given
    by the name and name space. This enables you to promote reoccurring elements.

You can find it at http://eebiztalkpipelinecom.codeplex.com/ –
the url is weird, I know. But there is a limit to the length of the urls at codeplex,